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Past Annual Meetings

WIA Second Annual Symposium Webinar

We are delighted to announce that the 2nd WIA Annual Symposium will be held on November 22nd and 23rd. Registration is now open. Please register here as soon as possible to make sure you can secure a spot in this exciting event.

Location: Virtual


11 pm - 2 am(+1) Tokyo,

3 - 5 pm Basel,

9 am - 12 pm New York,

6 - 9 am San Diego

Expected duration: 3 hrs / day

Audience: Open to all

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November 22 - 23, 2021

Past Annual Meetings

First Annual Beth Levine's WIA symposium

Thank you all for the very enthusiastic response to our first meeting!

We have reached our maximum of 500 attendees and closed registration.

We look forward to see you at future WIA events!


If you have registered, but have not received the Symposium booklet and webinar link, please email womeninautophagy@gmail.com

Location: Zoom


5am PST, 8am EST,

9am South America, 1pm UK, 2pm W Europe, 8pm Asia

Expected duration: 5 hrs

Audience: Open to all

November 30, 2020

Past Annual Meetings

First General Organizational meeting

September 29, 2020

Location: Zoom


6am PST, 9am EST,

10am South America, 2pm UK, 3pm W Europe, 9pm Asia

Expected duration: 1.5 hrs


WIA members

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Thank you for joining our first General Organizational Meeting. We:

1) Introduced the goals of the network.

2) Provided an update on committees and ongoing activities


3) Opened the floor for suggestions of additional activities and for volunteers to contribute organizing and providing continuity to the ongoing activities.