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March 2024

Secure Your Spot at the First Summer School on Autophagy in Neurodegeneration, Neuroinflammation and Immunity!

Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to follow this course at Aarhus University (Denmark) in July/August 2024. Limited spots available, and registrations closing soon! Hurry, act now to guarantee your participation.

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March 2024

November 2023

November 2023
September 2023

September 2023

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August 2023

August 2023
March 2023

March 2023

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Deadline extended: March 31th, 2023

January 2023

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Other News


Co-Editors Daniel J Klionsky and Fulvio Reggiori are excited to announce the launch of a new open access sister journal to Autophagy, introducing Autophagy Reports.

Autophagy Reports is a peer reviewed, open access journal publishing research on all aspects of autophagic processes.

Autophagy Reports covers the following topics: autophagic processes (i.e., the lysosome/vacuole-dependent degradation of intracellular material); the connections between autophagy and various aspects of human health and disease including cancer, neurodegeneration, aging, diabetes, myopathies and heart disease. We are interested in all experimental systems, from yeast to plant and human. Suggestions for appropriate specialized topics are welcome.

Prof. Pooneh Mokarram is thrilled to introduce the International Autophagy Research Center at the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (Iran).

The center received its approval from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 2020 with the positive opinion of the Development Council. It was established in 2020 with the management of Prof. Pooneh Mokarram, faculty member of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, and officially started its work.

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For more information visit their:
Website (EN)        Instagram        LinkedIn

Research Areas

  • Identification of the essential proteins in the regulation of autophagy and Unfolded Proteins Responses (UPR) signaling pathways.

  • Investigation of the function of autophagy and UPR signaling pathways in the natural physiology and the prevention or occurrence of various diseases.

  • Genetic evaluations of the autophagy and UPR signaling pathways in various diseases

  • Evaluation of the effect of different drug compounds in the treatment of diseases by targeting the autophagy and UPR signaling pathways.

  • Bioinformatics studies on the proteins of autophagy and UPR signaling pathways.


  • Publication of >40 papers in prestigious journals.

  • Dr. Negar Azarpira, respected faculty member of the Autophagy Research Center, was the selected researcher of the Razi Festival in 2022.

  • Dr. Kamran Bagheri Lankarani, respected faculty member of the Autophagy Research Center, was the selected scientist in 2021 by the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences.

  • Dr. Tayebeh Madarkian, respected faculty member of the Autophagy Research Center, was selected as one of the leading researchers in Iran in 2021 by the Iranian Federation of Scientific Leaders.

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