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WIA Beth Levine's Legacy Network 4th Annual Symposium Webinar!

October 26-27th, 2023

Click here for more information.

Network's Mission


Beth Levine, 1960-2020


WIA was founded in the Summer of 2020 to carry on Beth Levine's dedication to mentoring, science, and training. Our mission is to promote the careers of trainees and young scientists interested in autophagy through a dynamic and global network of mentors and trainees. WIA provides a platform for targeted mentoring activities and workshops and hosts the Beth Levine's Legacy Annual Symposium. We are entirely volunteer-run.

Upcoming Events

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WIA Blog

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Click here to read our most recent blog post on Dr. Eric H. Baehrecke, a 2023 WIA Symposium Keynote Speaker! 

4.Fatty asteroids (lipophagy).jpg

Fatty asteroids

by Marina García Macia, PhD

6.WIA contest.jpg

Fate of fat in the hands of proteins

by Susmita Kaushik, PhD

3.Autophagic Butterfly.jpg

The Autophagic Butterfly

by Teresa Muñoz de Galdeano, PhD

Winners of the 1st WIA Scientific Image Contest

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